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Opportunities for Support

Photography & Digitalisation

Photography is the foundation stone for the construction of a critically important visual platform for the museum.

The FoB will aim to help raise the necessary funds to create a library of professional images relating to all aspects of the museum’s collections. This valuable image library will then be used in all museum publications, promotional material and will form the basis for the subsequent digitalisation project that when complete will effectively offer world-wide access to scholars and enthusiasts of Italian sculpture and the decorative arts.

This area of digitalisation is an extremely current and active interest of museums all over the world, and with holdings as art historically invaluable as those within the Bargello, it is an essential obligation of the FoB to help position the museum within this modern accessibility stream.

For an update of work in progress please click below to download our reports:

Museum Publications

Various areas of the museum’s collections are in great need of an updated scholarly catalogue, while others have never been professionally published. It is the aim of this on-going campaign to help finance this vital endeavour in all areas of the Bargello’s holdings.

Donors interested in focusing on this area of involvement will do much to employ renowned scholars and bring to the world of art history a permanent, long-awaited and vital chapter in Museum publications.

Currently, the focus for FoB fundraising in this area of museum publication is directed in two areas;


The Bargello Collection
of Bronze Statuettes

Including the Medici private collection, this group of Italian bronze statuettes will constitute a compendium on the subject. And while regarded as the most important collection of its type, a publication has never been completed. The eventual publications of these scholarly volumes will be enthusiastically received and do much to raise the profile of this important sector of the Bargello’s holdings.


The Bargello Collection
of Italian Maiolica

The glorious collection of maiolica at the Bargello is one of the finest in the world, and together tells a complete, unbroken narrative on the subject. The last catalogue of this collection was published in 1971, and since that time this important holding has tripled, emphasising the current need to update and publish a scholarly catalogue.



It is an ongoing mission of the FoB to enhance visitor experiences at the Bargello. And to achieve this, there is a serious need to help finance the modernisation and reinstallation of the collections throughout the museum. Such improvements will include;


Updated Climate Control

Specifically in areas that require it most; including the ivory room, and within certain display cases that house important wax models, or other temperature sensitive materials.


Reinstallation of the Collections

The re installation of various rooms so that there is a more cohesive and comprehensive arrangement of the sculpture and works of art. This area of FoB support would include the introduction of interactive information screens for certain objects, and fresh wall plaques and didactics throughout each room of the museum. Importantly too, is the purchase of modern display cases which would in themselves improve greatly the current visitor experience in viewing the objects.


of the Storage Facility

The current onsite storage facility at the Bargello is a fascinating treasure house, but in critical need of climate control and reorganisation. Beyond the natural benefits of conservation in addressing this goal, the FoB would be instrumental in facilitating a sensible rotation of objects from storage to display and back again. Considering that many of the extraordinary objects within the Bargello storage have never been exhibited, this would be an exciting opportunity for scholarly interests as well as a fascinating subject for a future exhibition.