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The Museo Nazionale del Bargello is the world’s most important museum of Italian Renaissance sculpture.

And while the current needs of the Bargello are great, the trustees of the FoB have targeted a strategy that with the support of its Founding Patrons, will at once raise the museum’s profile to a level warranted by its collections and improve visitor experiences in every area of physical and online accessibility.

We strive to sustain, elevate and promote one of the world’s most deserving and important collections.

A not-for-profit organization, the Friends of the Bargello has been created to raise funds to maintain, preserve and publicise the museum and its collections, aiming for the highest standards of quality in all its endeavours.

Our initial focus includes: photographing and digitising the museum collections for greater online accessibility and publication; an on-going dedication to financing scholarly research; and funding international conferences and lectures.

The Friends of the Bargello will also be instrumental in helping to finance the schedule of exhibitions hosted at the museum, encouraging a world-wide recognition of the Bargello’s magnificent collections and enhancing awareness of their significant cultural importance.

The Friends will collaborate closely on all projects with the museum’s Director and curatorial staff, as well as the existing Fondazione il Bargello.

Through our work in funding exhibitions, facilitating research, supporting publications and improving visitor experiences, the Friends of the Bargello strive to interpret the preeminent collections of the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, spreading both the passion and purpose of these timeless works of art to a wide variety of people.

With the help of the Friends of the Bargello, we can give this essential museum the platform of visibility that it deserves, engaging a new audience of passionate enthusiasts - and helping the Bargello thrive as the paramount centre of Renaissance sculpture in the world.


The Friends of the Bargello operates through two separate legal entities, one governed by the laws of England and Wales and one governed by the laws of the State of New York. The Friends of the Bargello (UK) is a registered charitable incorporated organisation governed under the laws of England and Wales with charity number 1166475. The charity’s objects are the education of the public by the promotion, support, assistance and improvement of the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. The charity has the power to do anything which is calculated to further its objects or is conducive or incidental to doing so, including, without limitation, the power to borrow money, buy or sell property, employ staff and deposit or invest funds. The Friends of the Bargello Inc. (US) enjoys all the general powers of public not-for-profit corporations as provided under the laws of the State of New York and permitted under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, including, without limitation, the power to solicit grants and contributions, and to own, operate, print, publish, manage and distribute such printed materials, internet information and other media as will further the purpose and mission of the Friends.

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