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Student Membership

As the most important collection of Italian Renaissance sculpture, the Bargello serves as a touchstone for academic inquiry and research, and as such The Friends of the Bargello strive to facilitate the relationship between students of art history and the collections of the Bargello. Through our instigation of the FoB Fellowship program, and with this invitation to Student Membership, we wish to embrace and encourage academic involvement and curiosity with the museum.


A Student Membership in the Friends of the Bargello comes with the following directed incentives;

  • Joining the FoB as a Student permits an on going invitation to all FoB funded seminars, lectures and object handling sessions, both at the Bargello, and those hosted in various locations in the USA and the UK.
  • Additionally, a Student Membership permits a 10% discount on all Bargello museum publications sold through the museum bookshop.


Please provide proof of your student status along with your membership application form.