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Naming Opportunities

The following areas outline a few specific current fundraising projects that offer magnificent naming opportunities for support, and if there is a strong personal connection, would be the ideal way in which to put forward a larger leadership gift.


The Podesta Chapel

This glorious onsite chapel is covered in a fresco cycle by Giotto di Bondone (1266-1337) and his workshop, and incorporates the earliest known portrait of Dante, the great Italian Poet. Considered the Father of the Renaissance, Giotto was the most celebrated architect and artist of the proto Renaissance period. This fresco cycle, completed in 1305, is of great art historical importance, and forms a crucial chapter within the history of the Bargello museum, making this an exciting fundraising project for the FoB.

Requirements: The frescos throughout have to be restored and consolidated. And the windows have to be refitted and the walls better insulated.

Projected cost: $350,000

Completion date: 2021; marking the 700th Anniversary of Dante’s death.


The Bronze Room

This compendium of Italian bronze statuette production encapsulates the finest, intact collection of its type and illustrates the defining taste of the Florentine Court; a taste which influenced the fervent pursuit in this area throughout European courts for centuries.

Requirements: Modern display cases are required throughout the room; modern lighting; new wooden bases are needed for many of the bronzes; a more comprehensive installation of the collection; and updated wall labels and didactics throughout.

Projected cost: $400,000

Completion date: End of 2019, to coincide with the publication of the bronze catalogues.