Friends of Bargello
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Founding Patrons

A Founding Patron is an inaugural member to the Friends of the Bargello, and defined by a firm passionate and financial commitment to our purposes to sustain, elevate and promote the museum. It is through the Founding Patron’s confidence and investment at the genesis of our development that the FoB is permitted to build and gain the momentum necessary to incite its mission.

The Founding Patrons are the heart of the Friends of the Bargello;  providing a vital foundation and a dependable income, while defining and encouraging others by their devoted example.

The Founding Patrons can enjoy each of the incentives currently offered through the Friends of the Bargello, and in addition;

  • Bargello Nights A unique and exclusive opportunity for a Founding Patron to reserve the museum space for a private party. (Certain restrictions will apply, and details will be outlined in full by the FoB office.)


Founding Patron membership = $25,000 (£19,000)