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Just as the knowledge of perfection was discovered through Antiquities; this same perfection triggered the genius of the Italian Renaissance and began a wave of inspiration that everything we know relates.

We cannot ignore the impact of the Renaissance, as every expression since is a reflection of, or refraction against, its creative brilliance.

And we have an obligation to preserving this lineage, because without it all lines of reason and visual expression are lost and misunderstood.

The coupling of the Bargello’s unparalleled collections, with the museum’s recently granted financial independence, creates the perfect moment to launch the first-ever foreign support group for the Bargello.

Following considerable suppression beneath a distinct lack of funding, the Bargello is unquestionably deserving of financial support. The development of our various memberships serves as the perfect opportunity to become the first foreign philanthropists in aid of the most significantly important….underfunded…. magnificent museum in the world.

The FoB has envisioned a range of fundraising campaigns to help direct donors in a manner that will ensure the most beneficial and gratifying giving experience. These campaigns will be detailed in the following pages and range from the most urgent and basic of requirements, through to longer term strategies that aim to enhance the functioning and reputation of one of the world’s most essential museums.

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